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Advances in Complex Systems

Advances in Complex Systems
Seg, 10. Abril 2017 - Qua, 12. Abril 2017
ICMC - São Carlos - São Carlos, São Paulo


Advances in Complex Systems

Room 4003


10h: Marcus Aloizio Martinez de Aguiar (Unicamp) - Instituto de Física "Gleb Wataghin" 
Constructing phylogenetic trees in models of speciation

Phylogenetic trees are systematic tools to describe relatedness among species and the temporal recosrd of branching from common ancestors. In addition, the topology of nodes and branches of the tree encodes information about the process of speciation that originated those species. Unraveling this information is a major challenge in phylogenetics. In this talk I will show how phylogenetic trees can be computed in individual based models and show results for a particular model of speciation based on assortative mating. I will show that tree unbalance represents a reliable measure of the number of genes involved in the speciation process. Adding information on geographic and abundance distributions permits the separation between sympatric and parapatric processes, allowing a partial reconstruction of the speciation history.

11h: Guilherme Arruda  - ICMC - USP
Epidemic spreading in multilayer networks

14h: Yamir Moreno - Universidad de Zaragoza
Networks in Biology: from the cellular to the population level

Abstract: In this talk, we first provide a brief overview of what is the state-of-the-art in network science. Then, in order to discuss some specific case studies, we present results in the domain of biological sciences, in which the recently introduced conceptual framework of multilayer networks is used to study the spread of interacting diseases, the biodiversity of mutualistic ecosystems and protein protein interaction networks.

15h: Didier Oliveiros - ICMC - USP
Dynamics of rumor and information in social networks

16h: Luciano da Fontoura Costa - IFSC - USP
Perspectives in Multidisciplinary Complex Networks


10h: Mariane Barsi Andreeta - IFSC - USP
Complex networks of porous media

11h: José Fernando Fontanari - IFSC - USP
Impact of Certain Communication Nets on the Performance of Task-oriented Groups

14h: Tiago Pereira - ICMC - USP

15h: Mayra Rodrigues - ICMC -USP
A complex networks approach to data mining


10h: Diego Rafael Amancio - ICMC - USP

11h: Filipe Nascimento - IFSC-USP (to be confirmed)


ICMC - São Carlos
Av. Trab. São-Carlense
São Carlos
São Paulo
ICMC - São Carlos