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Otimização em Granjas

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José Mario Martínez Perez, Dante Conti

We consider the production of broiler chicken into chicken houses, where the objective is to control parameters that influence the animal environment, the comfort of the birds and the rapid synthesis of protein for human consumption.

The birds are bred for slaughter in places called broiler houses, with varying degrees of technology, where power, temperature, humidity, sound intensity, biological vectors and lighting should be carefully monitored and controlled to optimize the variables of interest. Further, both control and state variables should be subject to external measurements by appropriate sensors, working in consistent intervals of time and optimally located.

The control model aims an online recording of all relevant variables, an online setting of the parameters according to the response evidenced by the sensors, and making decisions regarding the operation of the controls. Taking into account that the number of variables of interest are not small, the model is naturally divided into sub-models.

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