Workshop on Mathematics in Industry 2012



Data: Dia 12 de dezembro de 2012, das 9:00 às 18:00.

Local: Auditório Professor Fernão Stella de Rodrigues Germano

As inscrições serão gratuitas e realizadas no dia do evento, no período das 8:00 às 9:00.



08:45h – 09:00h

OPENING – José Carlos Maldonado – ICMC-Director –http://lattes.cnpq.br/8807333466702951

09:00h – 09:40h

Barbara Keyfitz – Department of Mathematics – The Ohio State University, USA –http://www.math.osu.edu/~keyfitz.2/

Title of Talk: Singular Shocks in a Chromatography Model: Singular Perturbation Theory and Geometric Insight. ABSTRACT

09:45h – 10:25h

Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato – Institute of Physics – University of São Paulo – http://cepof.ifsc.usp.br/int.php?mid=50&pid=22

Title of Talk: Innovation in USP – Support and Presentation of Models. 

10:25h – 10:55h


10:55h – 11:35h

Mario Primicerio – Department of Mathematics – University of Florence – Italy –http://web.math.unifi.it/users/primicer/home.html

Title of Talk: Neutralization of Acid Mine Drainage. ABSTRACT


11:40h – 12:20h

Ernesto Birgin – Department of Computer Sciences – University of São Paulo – http://www.ime.usp.br/~egbirgin/

Title of TalkDeveloping Optimization Software: Overview, Challenges and Perspectives. ABSTRACT

12:20h – 14:00h


14:00h – 14:40h

Weldon Alexander Lodwick – Department of Statistical and Mathematical Sciences – University of Colorado Denver – USA – http://math.ucdenver.edu/~wlodwick/

Title of Talk: A Perspective of University-Industry Collaboration – A Pedagogical Approach. ABSTRACT


14:45h– 15:25h

Mario Alexandre Gazziro – Department of Computer Science – University of São Paulo

Title of Talk: Calculating the SAR to Power up an Implantable Neural Interface for Wireless Communications with Human Motor Cortex. ABSTRACT

15:25h– 15:55h


15:55h – 16:35h

Júlio Michael Stern – Department of Applied Mathematics – University of São Paulo –http://www.ime.usp.br/~jstern/

Title of Talk: Mathematical Modeling and Operational Research: Some Case Studies and Lessons of Mountaineering. ABSTRACT

16:40h – 17:20h

Guilherme Martins Ferreira – Dynamis Mecânica Aplicada Ltda.

Title of Talk: Mathematical Modeling of Combustion in Rotary Kilns. ABSTRACT

17:30h – 18:00h

CLOSING – José Alberto Cuminato – Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics – University of São Paulo – http://www2.icmc.usp.br/~jacumina

Title of Talk: CeMEAI – Center for Mathematical Sciences Applied to Industry