Tiago Pereira

Dynamics on Complex Networks

PhD in Applied Mathematics from Potsdam Universitaet, Germany.
Professor at University of São Paulo (USP)

What I study

A central theme in my research is the collective behaviour on complex networks. I also have interest in the theory of dynamical systems and random matrix theory. I have made contributions to the following areas:

Dynamics in Complex Networks

Ergodic Theory and Fermi Acceleration

Random Matrices


Optimized delay of the second COVID-19 vaccine dose reduces ICU admissions

Paulo J.S. Silva, Claudia Sagastizabal, Luis G. Nonato, Cláudio J. Struchiner, Tiago Pereira

PNAS (2021)

Heterogeneously Coupled Maps: hub dynamics and emergence across connectivity layers

Tiago Pereira, Sebastian van Strien and Matteo Tanzi

Journal of the European Mathematical Society 22, 2183-2252 (2020)

An SIQ delay differential equations model for disease control via isolation

Stefan Ruschel, Tiago Pereira, Serhiy Yanchuk, Lai-Sang Young

Journal of Mathematical Biology (2019)

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