ITT Brazil 2023 will have the following partners and challenges:

Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory (LNLS). This partner has proposed three challenges all linked to computational imaging algorithms. The problems are related to mathematical methodologies in inverse problems that can be implemented in a computationally efficient way for: (i) reconstruction of signal with minimum data points (ii) identifying and quantifying rings from diffraction image data (iii) recovering the missing phase information in the Fresnel regime (a nondimensional quantity related to phase) in the measured intensity data when imaging. The challenges are aligned with several research directions in the department and with our partner Diamond Light Source in the UK.

National Centre for Alerts and Monitoring of Natural Disasters (Cemaden) This partner has posed challenges centered around environmental data analysis and predictive modeling relating to Cemaden’s monitoring tools. The tasks include (i) developing reliable methods to interpolate missing data and exploring the impact of variables like solar incidence in neural network models for risk classification; (ii) categorising monitoring stations for reliable analysis based on moisture sensor responses and rainfall measurements; (iii) optimising 3D resistivity surveys to attain efficient and qualitative coverage and analysing the behaviour of soil moisture data in correlation with rainfall history. The overarching aim is to bolster predictive accuracy and data reliability in environmental monitoring processes over Brazil.